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UFS Hwk V Full And Final Update Download

Author: Mushrraf Ali | March 12, 2018 |

UFS Hwk Latest Update UFS Hwk V If the HWK is a «TRIAL» or affected by 3rd party tools, this software may not work properly, so use at your own risk.

You need to uninstall (Old HWK Setup Suite and HWK Support Suite) or existing (UFSx Support Suite) and use the new UFSx Support Suite.

Panel v2.3.0.7SAMs V

INFINEON SM-B312E added (CUNL,PUNL,PIM,FL,UFL) ANDROID More Products and Features added. UFS Turbo & UFST only, see separate Document. COMMON Added File Archive Path Selection.

Customers who are experiencing the panel hanging on «check box» or «update box», should try to use the older driver and see if the problem is


2018 new hwk panel download Only panel v2.3.0.7 size 3 mb DOWNLOAD

Support Suite setup v2.3.0.7 size 10 mb Download

How to install Support Suite.

1. Uninstall ALL previous versions, you MUST uninstall HWK Suite BEFORE trying to uninstall HWK Support Suite Setup.

2. Install UFSx Support Suite Setup

3. Connect your UFSx+HWK before running the UFSx Control Panel

4. Run UFSx Control Panel

5. Switch to the «Hardware» Tab

6. If you only have one UFSx connected it will be selected, if more than one, select the check box next to the required UFSx. You can click «Scan Boxes» to refresh the list if you have connected further boxes since opening the Control Panel

7. Click «Check Box»

8. Click «Update Box»

9. Click «Check Box» — Make sure «Box Status» = «True» or «Bad Software» and «Server Status» = «Support Ok», before proceeding

10. Switch to the «Software» Tab

11. Amend «Application Install Path» and/or «Nokia Install Path», if required.

12. Click «Check Server»

13. Click «Install»

14. If you have more than 1 UFSx+HWK run steps 5-13 for each UFSx+HWK (NOTE: You must install atleast 1 item at step 13)

How to install same UFSx+HWK to 2nd PC.

Same as above and you must complete ALL steps.

How to add further UFSx+HWK after initial install.

Steps 4-13 as above

Download Support Suite v2.3.0.7 size 10 mb server mediafire

How to install driver.

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1. Make sure your UFSx device is connected to your PC.

2. Right click «My Computer» and «select Manage»

3. Click «Universal Serial Bus controllers»

4. Right click «UFSx Device, (c) SarasSoft» and select «Uninstall»

5. Right click your computer name at the top of the list and select «Scan for hardware changes»

6. When the Hardware Wizard opens, Select «No, not this time» and then Click «Next»

7. Select «Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)» and then Click «Next»

8. Make sure «Search for the driver in these locations» is selected, «Search removable media . » is deselected and «Include this location in the search:» is selected

9. Click «Browse» and select either:-

for x86 Windows — C:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_USB_Driver\OLD

for x64 Windows — C:\Program Files (x86)\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_USB_Driver\OLD

10.Click «Next», click «Continue anyway» to any messages and then «Finish»

You have now installed the old driver, when you run UFS_Panel, you should see these driver versions:-

Versions: Ufs2xx.dll 3.1.19, Ufs2xx.sys 2.6.0

Versions: Ufs2xx.dll 3.2.7, Ufs2xx.sys 2.8.30

then you are still using the latest drivers and you should try the above process again.

2018 new hwk panel download

Only panel v2.3.0.7 size 3 mb

Support Suite setup v2.3.0.7 size 10 mb

Must be Download This Android App for future update

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