Bamboo Cth 470 драйвера скачать

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Bamboo Cth 470 драйвера скачать

Wacom Bamboo Driver CTH-470 Download

Wacom Bamboo Driver CTH-470 Download – Grow the capacities of your Wacom empowered Windows 10 tablet PC (additionally underpins Windows 8 and Windows 8.1). Introducing this driver will give numerous propelled weight touchy elements that Wacom pen tablet clients have come to appreciate. The driver underpins propelled elements, for example, weight affectability in design applications, for example, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. It additionally permits you to change the pen tip weight affectability and to program the side switch of the pen for an extensive variety of option settings and capacities.

This driver ought to be introduced on tablets that have Wacom feel IT innovations or Wacom Pen based advancements. Manufacture ISD_7.3.2-12 underpins as of late discharged tablets and included backing for AES tablets. Some bug fixes since July incorporate enhanced pen pictures for custom control boards for OEM drivers notwithstanding the bland pen picture for the Feel Driver, expelling particular suspend enablement on I2C gadgets where it created an issue, and change of the Radial Menu customizations.

Wacom CTH 470 Driver For Mac And Windows Download

Windows Operating System:

Windows 10 32 & 64 bit

Windows 8.1 32 & 64 bit

Windows 8 32 & 64 bit

Windows 7 32 & 64 bit

Information Driver For Windows :

Hardware : Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch Tablet (CTH470)

File name : WacomTablet_6.3.21-3.exe

Update Date: 03/13/2017

File Size : 73.3 MB

Mac OS X Operating System :

MacOS Sierra 10.12

Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11

Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10

Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9

Mac OS X Mpuntain Lion 10.8

Mac OS X Operating System:

Hardware : Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch Tablet (CTH470)

Последняя версия драйвера для Intuos Family & Cintiq Family

Инструмент установки программного обеспечения и драйвера для Bamboo

Последняя версия драйвера для Bamboo Pen & Touch / Bamboo Fun

Последняя версия драйвера для PL-2200

Последняя версия драйвера для Wacom Feel IT

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Лицензионное соглашение на использование программного обеспечения

Важное предупреждение для пользователей

Право на использование программного обеспечения

Пользователю не разрешается декомпилировать программное обеспечение; если программное обеспечение содержит интерфейсы к программному обеспечению, не поставляемому Wacom, компания Wacom сделает необходимую информацию доступной для пользователя по запросу при условии, что пользователь сможет доказать его (ее) право на использование этого программного обеспечения и он (она) согласен(на) оплатить копирование и почтовые расходы.


WACOM does not warrant to repair or replace the product if: (a) the damage to the product results from accident, misuse, improper use, negligence or unauthorised alteration or repair; (b) the product was not handled or stored according to the instructions provided by WACOM; (c) the damage resulted from normal wear and tear of product parts; or d) the serial number affixed by WACOM has been removed or rendered unintelligible.

Any descriptions, drawings, specifications, samples, models, notifications or similar material provided in connection with the purchase of the product cannot be taken as an explicit guarantee that the product corresponds to or fulfils your requirements.

The warranty guaranteed by law remains unaffected. You can claim defects of the product in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.

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This limited warranty shall apply if the registered office of the vendor is situated in the EU or Iceland, Norway, Jersey, Switzerland, Russia, the Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Iran or South Africa.

This warranty is subject to German law. However, the applicability of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is explicitly excluded. The city of Krefeld, Germany, is the sole place of jurisdiction for all claims arising from this contractual relationship and all disputes between the parties resulting from the formation, handling or termination of the contractual relationship, provided that the customer is a trader, a legal entity or fund under public law. The jurisdiction agreement shall also apply for customers who do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany. The jurisdiction agreement shall not apply if, due to legal provisions, a different sole place of jurisdiction must be established for the case. Furthermore, WACOM is authorised to file a lawsuit against the headquarters of the customer.

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