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Alcatel One Touch PC Suite скачать

  • The evolution of the successful smartphone, now with a waterproof body and USB Type-C

  • The first Windows-tablet with the 12-inch display Super AMOLED

  • Ten iOS keyboards review

  • A cheap phone with a good screen

  • Good sound for those who are not satisfied with the onboard solution

    • To manage your contacts.
    • Move, share and transfer data between both devices.
    • Copy, cut or delete anything.
    • Read, write and send messages directly from Windows device.
    • Make a call from PC.
    • Download and install new app and games on a smartphone.
    • Update device firmware.
    • It has a new software with quick applications.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • One touch pro.
    • One touch star.
    • One touch m top manager and much more.
    • Navigations are easier than ever.

    I’m annoyed by suport page. there’s no model of smartphone that it was gifted to me. More fuck annoying the shpport in my country only show buy options no solve problem. 15 days em no transfer i’m about to turn of this shit os phone every time i need transfer arquives nothing work and the poor excuse of cellphone always no detected. I tested manys linds of same maanufacter but no work and my model dont shiow in the freaking page wTF. Some ppeople like more simples models no always the top is on the budget. I’m very pissed for any energy spent in social link this rant. I will pray to get money fast to buy another cellphonbe more friendly in transfer my stuff to pc and versa.

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